Story & Mission

In 2015, I suffered a severe concussion while playing NCAA Ice Hockey - a life changing moment for me. Over the last five years I have struggled with the side effects of my brain injury and experienced first-hand how a concussion can affect a person’s life. Despite the challenges associated with my injury, I have found a way to stay positive and be grateful for my situation, as I know that so many others are also going through extremely difficult times with their injuries. I want to do my part to support and stand with all of the courageous people dealing with brain injuries, so I have decided to create Brain Brave.

The goal of Brain Brave is to raise funds for deserving, quality brain injury organizations: With every Brain Brave item sold, proceeds will be donated to organizations on the front lines of brain injury research, support and advocacy. Brain Brave promotes being honest with your symptoms and advocating for individuals to seek help who are not okay, for the health of their brain and overall well being. After my injury, I pushed through concussion symptoms, trying to be a “tough guy”, and I am suffering residual effects as a result. Had I been more informed, I believe the result may have been different. 




Brain Brave will advocate for, stand with, and promote the victims of brain injury as well as give to those organizations leading the way in in brain injury research and awareness.